Knowing God By Serving Others: Meet Andres

“Big Fish Club has truly taught me more of who Jesus is.”

I heard about Big Fish Club after being a counselor at Camp Nikos. I knew I wanted to stay involved, and Big Fish Club was the perfect way to do so. My favorite thing is getting to see the kids every week, and getting to be apart of their lives. Although at first, it seems you’re not making much of a difference, the longer you know the kids, the more you realize how invested and how much you care about their lives. Big Fish Club has truly taught me more of who Jesus is. Having to explain the Gospel or attributes of who God is to kids has forced me to understand Him better myself; in order tobe able to answer their questions and explain an infinitely complex God, I’ve had to learn and love the simplicity of the Gospel. And I see the simple Gospel through the kids every week. Whenever I am tired, impatient or even lazy in BFC, I am reminded that God is never tired, always graceful, and never ceases to pursue each one of us.

Others should volunteer with Big Fish Club because there is a need for more volunteers to better love the kids, better serve the community, and better expand the Kingdom of God. God calls everyone to love their neighbor, be servant-hearted, and make His name known among all people, and anyone can give 2 hours a week to do that.


– Andres Rojas, Big Fish Club Volunteer

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