25 Years of Inner-City Ministry Brings a More Focused Alignment

by Tim Pinson, Sr., Executive Director

Based on our involvement in the lives of children and families in Central East Austin, we have concluded that the greatest needs are centered around the broken family unit. Good and positive programs will have limited effectiveness as long as the children return to the broken family environment.
Many of the needs identified have multi-generational and cultural implications. Together, they can create not only physical harm along with the risk of death, but also impact social behavior producing generational strongholds. We have identified these to be the highest priority:

• Child health/nutrition
• Unplanned pregnancy …the greatest needs
• Substance abuse
• Child abuse/neglect
• Domestic violence are centered around the
• Lack of child care
• Lack of early childhood education/development
• Lack of child and family support broken family unit.
• Lack of adequate medical/dental care.

God has entrusted us with strategic access to our inner-city communities through our location and long-term relationships; we are fine tuning our focus at 12th and Chicon. The Community Center will primarily be used for ministries focused on “building strong families so that every child can thrive.” Our family of ministries will offer a continuum of care allowing families to find solutions for their felt needs. Through the solution-based programs, they will be connected to relationships with Christ-centered believers who are living out the life-changing Gospel that can transform their lives.


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