Fighting Fear! Meet Alexis

Christmas is right around the corner and we cannot wait to celebrate the birth of our Messiah. As eager as we are to celebrate Jesus with our friends and family, we’re still working zealously to glorify God and the work he’s done through our organization this season. Much of that work has been done through Lifeline Pregnancy Resource Center (Lifeline PRC), a program we launched in June of this year to support pregnant women and their unborn children.

Lifeline PRC offers free medical and counseling services along with parenting and life skills classes to pregnant women in East Austin. God has blessed this program beyond measure with a talented staff, passionate volunteers, financial support, and many clients we’ve had the opportunity to speak Jesus over.

One of Lifeline PRC’s clients, Alexis, recently shared her story about her unexpected pregnancy and how she overcame her fear of delivering and raising her third child as a single mom. We want to share that story with you today as a testament to the amazing work God is doing through Mission Possible and people like you!

Mom at Lifeline Pregnancy Resource Center

“My name is Alexis. I’ve always believed in being independent and I’ve always had too much pride to ask for help. But when I found out I was pregnant with my third child, I became very depressed. I was overwhelmed with the idea of raising three children as a single mom. I isolated myself, stopped talking to friends, and didn’t leave my house unless I had to.

My life changed forever the day I discovered Lifeline. They listened to me and offered so much care and support. I felt the burden lift from my shoulders. I could finally breath.

In addition to helping me through my pregnancy, Lifeline also helped my other children. They gave me the knowledge and support I needed to believe that I could be a great mother even though I hadn’t planned on this baby. When my baby was born I felt so prepared. It is so wonderful to know someone is here for me.”

Alexis is just one of the women Lifeline PRC has served since opening its doors in East AustinWe feel so blessed to have had the chance to walk with Alexis and others like her through their pregnancies. 

In order continue supporting women like Alexis through their pregnancies, we need to raise $55,000 by Dec. 31, 2018. We’ve launched our #Give2Live campaign to do just that!

  • $500 covers one month of rent in our temporary housing for at risk women in our program.
  • $300 covers standard clinic costs for one Lifeline PRC client
  • $100 covers food and formula for two weeks
  • $50 covers diapers for two-three weeks

Give to help a child live, today!

We are eternally grateful for your continued prayers and support.

His peace to you,

Tim Pinson, Sr.

Executive Director

P.S. You can help us help more women like Alexis discover they can choose life and become the mom God has called them to by making your donation to our #Give2Live campaign today!

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