“Feed My Sheep” Serving Church Under the Bridge


“Mike and Gerry Williams have fed over 10,000 meals in 25 years of faithful service to Church Under the Bridge” 

-Tim Pinson Sr., Founder & Executive Director of Mission: Possible! Austin


If you have ever served at Church Under the Bridge there is a good chance you have met Mike and Gerry Williams. Mike and Gerry have faithfully served Mission: Possible! Austin for 25+ years! There is no way we can accurately express the amount of lives touched by this sweet couple. Mike and Gerry are members of Grace Covenant Church in Austin, TX and decided to serve at Church Under the Bridge from the beginning. Mike was often seen helping with fishing at Camp Nikos or at Church Under the Bridge serving a hot meal.

Today, Church Under the Bridge serves hundreds of people with a place to worship without feeling judged. Sunday mornings at 10:00 A.M. under the I-35 bridge downtown Austin you will most likely see people singing and dancing, eating a warm meal, and one of the most diverse crowds gathered having conversations. Served by people and churches of various backgrounds, Church Under the Bridge remains as a doorway to the street and homeless people group in Austin. Not only are we able to meet the street and homeless people, we are able to connect and equip faithful volunteers like Mike and Gerry Williams.

Great Thanksgiving Banquet 

November 18th 2018

Every year on the Sunday before Thanksgiving, Mission: Possible! Austin throws a “Great Thanksgiving Banquet“. This is a Thanksgiving meal cooked for and provided by Mission: Possible! Austin served at Church Under the Bridge. We serve on average between 200-300 plates of food at the Great Thanksgiving Banquet! The average plate costs $6. This means our fundraising goal is around $2,000. The holidays are some of the hardest times for our friends on the street. This is our way of sharing the hope of Christ with a hot meal and having a family meal together. Your financial gift helps us continue this family meal every year.

Give Now to Provide a meal for $6!

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