DART’EM UP and Mission: Possible! Austin

Dart’em Up is Austin’s first indoor Foam Dart Sports Arena—a fun and exciting place to play Dart Tag games with family and friends. If you’ve ever wanted to battle with Nerf blasters in a fun, competitive atmosphere, now’s your chance! Sportsmanship is key to all our games. In 2017, owner and operator of DART’EM UP Richard McVay reached out to Mission: Possible! Austin. Richard and his son have a heart of giving back, and came up with the idea to donate birthday parties to under-served kids. https://www.dartemup.com/content/birthday-parties#charity 

DART’EM UP now donates parties to 3 nonprofits! Everytime you play at DART’EM UP you are helping to give back to under-served kids! Richard, his son, and the DART’EM UP team have been such a blessing to Mission: Possible! Austin. Thanks to DART’EMUP and their customers, many kids get to experience the joy and blessing of a birthday party.



Dart’em Up presents hour long dart tag games―from Team Elimination battles to Humans v. Zombies― pitting two teams against each other in fun, organized chaos with trained referees, music, and a full arsenal of Nerf blasters. Dart’em Up is action-packed fun for solo players, group battles, birthday parties, employee team building, company events and fundraisers. Perfect for kids and kids at heart from 5 years and up. As long as you can hold, load, and shoot a Nerf blaster, you’re in! Thank you DART’EM UP for your generosity and heart to give back! For more information on DART’EM UP visit their website https://www.dartemup.com/

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