Mission: Possible! Austin works with a wide range of people from various backgrounds. Our Community Ministries are focused on serving adults and elderly in our area. We engage people community through Church Under the Bridge, B.A.G.S., Community Bible Study, and other services such as recovery programs. Although Mission Possible serves a wide range of people in the community, these programs are focused on serving adults and the elderly left behind. Our current programs are listed below.

Our Community Ministries Serving Adults and Elderly

Church Under the Bridge

A growing homeless population of over 6,000 people resides in Austin. As believers, we know that it is our responsibility to show the love of Christ to all people, no matter who they are or At CUB, those who attend will have the opportunity to be a part of worship, which includes live music, prayer, fellowship and a down-to-earth Gospel message. Twice monthly, host churches provide a meal to those who attend CUB. This meal provides a great opportunity to connect and share a meal with an individual who calls CUB their church home.

While many of those who attend are homeless, Church Under the Bridge is a place for all to come and worship God. Since 1993, CUB has existed to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and to connect various individuals from the body of Christ with one another. It is through the Gospel, and through these connections, that we desire to see Christ-like transformation take place in the lives of all that attend.

Great Thanksgiving Banquet

The Great Thanksgiving Banquet is held annually at Church Under the Bridge the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Those who attend are offered a hot meal, but, more importantly, are offered offered fellowship with other attendees and those who came to serve at the Banquet.

Holidays can be a lonely time for those living on the streets. Often times, our street friends are not in contact with loved ones. This becomes especially apparent during the holiday season. Our goal is to offer hope, compassion and a hot meal to those who attend the Great Thanksgiving Banquet.


Bringing Assistance of Grace and Service (B.A.G.S.)

B.A.G.S. is monthly grocery assistance provided through the Central Texas Food Bank to the elderly and homebound.

Volunteers are provided with a box of supplemental groceries to deliver to the homes of the elderly and shut-in population that we have taken into the program. Volunteers deliver to homes, developing relationships with the individuals and spending time talking with them, praying for them, and determining any additional needs they may have. B.A.G.S. offers volunteers the opportunity to build meaningful relationships and provide much needed groceries. For more information contact us today at

Community Bible Study

Every Wednesday from 11 am- 12 pm we meet at 1190 Chicon St. inside the auditorium for a community Bible study. Our community Bible study provides a warm and central location to hear God’s Word, read Scripture, and give input. These Bible studies are led by Mission: Possible! Austin staff, but welcomes community participation. Everyone is invited!

Recovery ATX

Mission: Possible! Austin deals with several people in the community battling addictions. Recovery ATX hosts Alcoholics Anonymous, Heroin Anonymous, and Narcotics Anonymous groups throughout the week in the evenings. Recovery ATX is apart of Mission: Possible! Austin’s “Family of Ministries” which are strategic partners serving a need in the community located on our campus.