Nikos Camps

“Mission Possible people are so loving and caring. They will be there with you through the good times and the bad. I love Camp Nikos because it teaches me more about Jesus and helps me show the kids why they are here.”

Tyte (pictured left) started at Camp Nikos when she was 5 years old. She is now 15, attends our FUZE program, and volunteers at every Mission Possible camp! Tyte is one of hundreds of stories we have heard and seen over the years that represents our vision to see lives changed, communities impacted, and generations transformed.

The Nikos Camping Ministry exists to care responsibly for children and youth through Christ-centered relationships for generational transformation. Mission: Possible! Austin hosts 5 camps a year for children and youth ages 6-18. Our goal is to break the cycle of poverty one life at a time. Our one-on-one ratio of camper and camp counselor provides opportunities for relationships to form and life-change to happen. Our current camps include:

  • Spring Nikos Camp: Ages 6-11
  • Summer Nikos Camp: Ages 6-11
  • Restoration Art Day Camp: Ages 6-18
  • H-E-B Camp: Ages 12-18
  • Fall Leadership Retreat: Ages 12-18


“Serving at Camp Nikos will change your life. You must serve!”

Pastor Sean Jones (Pictured Center) at Antioch Community Church Waco has served at Camp Nikos for 15+ years.

Is your church or organization interested in serving with us? Mission: Possible! Austin relies on passionate volunteers committed to serving children from low-income communities. Reoccurring volunteer needs are lifeguards, adult camp staff, camp counselors, activity helpers, and kitchen crew.

Fill out Volunteer Application

Agree to Mission Possible Statement of Unity

Complete Volunteer Interview (Set up by Mission Possible Staff)

See our camp volunteer opportunities


Below are current giving levels


Gets your logo on a t-shirt, event, MP website, and Social Media
  • Sponsor the Nurse’s Cabin $3,500
  • Sponsor a Cabin Group of 12 kids $5,000
  • Sponsor the Dining Hall $7,000


Gets your logo on a camp t-shirt, and name recognition of the sponsored event, and on social media
  • Sponsor the Director’s Cabin $750
  • Sponsor the Camp Pool $850
  • Sponsor a camp meal $1,000
  • Sponsor the Bus $1,800
  • Sponsor the Camp T-shirts $2,500


  • Sponsor a game for $200
  • Sponsor a kid to attend camp $375 or $32 a month
  • Volunteer Scholarship $375
  • Sponsor an activity for $500 (Art, Zipline, Archery, etc.)